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Simple tool to check your iPad's connection speed

Speedtest X HD offers a quick and easy way to test the network speed of your iPad. The program is useful for analyzing WiFi connections to see how fast they are.

Testing connections with Speedtest X HD is very easy. Just launch the program and tap the Start Speedtest button. The app will then retrieve and download a test process, indicating the progress of the download in a progress bar and by displaying the percentage complete.

Once the test has finished, Speedtest X HD will give you a report of the results. It shows you the download speed in Mbps and KB/s, displays the total test time, the speed in relation to the average, and the location of the server.

Speedtest X HD keeps a record of your last 50 tests, so you can compare how fast your connection is now with what it's been like before. These results are shown in a slideable bar at the bottom of Speedtest X HD's attractive user interface. Unfortunately, for previous tests you can only view the speed in Mbps and the test time. It would be nice if you could see the full report for each.

Having said that, Speedtest X HD now includes a Stats section, which gives you averages of your connection's performance over time. It also shows you global stats both for the day, and for all time, so you can see how your iPad measures up.

Unfortunately, Speedtest X HD is very limited in its testing capabilities at present. There's no feature for measuring upload speeds and it currently only monitors WiFi connections and not 3G.

Speedtest X HD looks nice and is great for quickly checking the speed of a WiFi connection and comparing it to your normal speeds. However, it's too limited to be treated as a comprehensive benchmarking tool.

UI tweaks Added Back Portrait mode Made upload speed test more reliable


  • UI tweaks Added Back Portrait mode Made upload speed test more reliable


  • Looks nice
  • Easy to use
  • Displays past test results
  • Handy stats feature


  • Won't measure upload speeds
  • Can't check 3G connections
  • Doesn't archive full test reports

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Speedtest X HD


Speedtest X HD 8.0.6 for iPhone

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